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Zach Little, Chief Operating Officer, Ext. 2440

Kory Kottke, Senior Vice President/Freight Management/Owner, Ext. 2420

Kurt Kottke, President/Driver Dispatch/Customer Service/Owner, Ext. 2421

Jennifer Herning, Director of Truckload Operations, Ext. 2409

Rafael Gomez, Director of LTL Operations, Ext. 3116

Sue Krumrey, Customer Servicer Representative/Office Manager, Ext. 2406

Val Ussery, LTL Customer Service, Ext. 2432

Tommy Mercer, LTL Order Entry, Ext. 4109

Terry ‘Hammer’ Poock, Night Coverage, Ext. 2424

Roy LockeWeekend Coverage, Ext. 2435

Marcy Hughes, Planner, Ext. 2429

Buffy Fellows, Florida Local LTL Planner, Ext. 3106

Val Stepanek, Driver Manager, Ext. 2431

(800) 248-2623 (320) 833-5385

Kottke Trucking, Inc.