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Kurt Kottke, President/Driver Dispatch/Customer Service/Owner,; Ext. 2421

Kory Kottke, Senior Vice President/Freight Management/Owner,; Ext. 2420

Zach Little, Vice President of Operations,; Ext. 2440

Donna Fellows-Coffey, Vice President of LTL Operations,; Ext. 4105

Jennifer Herning, Lead Customer Service Representative,; Ext. 2409

Brianna Johnson, Customer Service Representative,; Ext. 2401

Sue Krumrey, Customer Servicer Representative/Office Manager,; Ext. 2406

Andrea Plaisance, Customer Service Representative,; Ext. 2425

Cathi Fairbrother, LTL Customer Service Representative,, Ext. 3110

Rafael Gomez, Assistant LTL Planner,; Ext. 3116

Tommy Mercer, LTL Order Entry,; Ext. 4109

Terry ‘Hammer’ Poock, Night Coverage,; Ext. 2424

Roy Locke, Weekend Coverage,; Ext. 2435

Rick Jungferman, Planner,; Ext. 2433

Marcy Hughes, Planner,; Ext. 2429

Buffy Fellows, Florida Local LTL Planner,; Ext. 3106

Christina Bryant, Lead Driver Manager,; Ext. 2430

Val Stepanek, Driver Manager,, Ext. 2431

Val Ussery, Driver Manager,; Ext. 2432


(800) 248-2623 (320) 833-5385

Kottke Trucking, Inc.