Why go through all the work of offering such good service? Who will notice if our service is just a little less than our full potential? Kottke is a family run business and our family prides themselves in the service they provide for their customers . Maybe the customer will not notice if we operate below potential, but we will and that’s something we just don’t tolerate at Kottke.picture 14

Connie and Duane Kottke dedicated their lives to the continued success of Kottke Trucking, Inc. Duane started out driving a mail route truck, then moved to hauling grain. He soon found himself in the position of a dispatcher, and at times, both a driver and dispatcher. Connie’s involvement in the company’s success included buying and selling grain, bookkeeping and occasional dispatching. Connie and Duane also devoted much of their time to raising their three sons; Kurt, Kory and Kyle.

Connie passed away in the summer of 2012 and she’s missed every single day. Duane still makes nearly daily appearances at the office for a cup of coffee and to share his expertise.

We thank them for creating the strong foundation of Kottke Trucking and with pride, we will carry those traditions into the future.

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Kottke Trucking, Inc.