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Bob Kistner – Candidate for Driver of the Year

Robert Kistner

  • First Quarter 2014, Jim Doering Award of Excellence
  • Candidate for Driver of the Year to be awarded Saturday, December 13, 2014

Bob was one of the most hard working and dependable drivers in the history of our company.  He strived to do everything to the best of his ability and strived to provide for his family.  Those motivations made him one of the best of the best!

On his nomination form, he has one minor accident in 2011 abobnd the balance of his safety performance was solid.  He scored 53 of 55 possible points on our internal assessment of him, which is absolutely outstanding.  Bob’s nominator says, “I feel Bob would be a great candidate for this award as many of his great characteristics are similar to that of Jim Doering.  Bob has dedicated his life to the trucking industry.  Bob is always more than willing to go wherever he has to go, when ever he has to go and does it with a great attitude.  He just does the job and you rarely get a negative word from him.”

Sadly, Bob will not get to attend on his own behalf as he decided to drive the gold paved roads in Heaven in August.  He is missed daily and his honor will shine bright at Saturday’s presentation of the Driver of the Year.

Stay tuned in the coming days of all the candidates for the award and come to our website Saturday evening after 6:30 pm to see who will get the crown of Duane and Connie Kottke Distinguished Driver of the Year.

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