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We at Kottke Trucking urge you contact us with any questions, concerns or comments. To ease your search for your intended party, you can search our company directory via our departments or find your intended party in our employee listing below. If you don’t know who to contact, give us a call at (800) 248-2623 or locally at (320) 833-5385 and we’ll get you to the right spot.


Brandon Antonsen, Buffalo Lake Shop,; Ext. 2412

Kathy Baggenstoss, Accounting/Payroll,; Ext. 2437

Dustin Berger, Shop Manager,; Ext. 2411

Patty Bonsignore, Shipping Paperwork,; Ext. 4111

Erick Borras, Service Writer,; Ext. 3115

Ada Brewster, National Sales Manager,; 320-510-0033

Christina Bryant, Lead Driver Manager,; Ext. 2430

Cathi Fairbrother, LTL Customer Service Representative,, Ext. 3110

Buffy Fellows, Florida Local LTL Planner,; Ext. 3106

Donna Fellows-Coffey, Vice President of LTL Operations,; Ext. 4105

Rafael Gomez, Assistant LTL Planner,; Ext. 3116

Shirley Hale, OS&D/Claims,; Ext. 3118

Jennifer Herning, Lead Customer Service Representative,; Ext. 2409

Tim Hofmann, Financial Controller,, Ext. 2448

Marcy Hughes, Planner,; Ext. 2429

Brianna Johnson, Customer Service Representative,; Ext. 2401

Rick Jungferman, Planner,; Ext. 2433

Collin Kottke, Marketing Manager,; Ext. 2427

Jane Kottke, Billing Clerk,; Ext. 2419

Kory Kottke, Senior Vice President/Freight Management/Owner,; Ext. 2420

Kurt Kottke, President/Driver Dispatch/Customer Service/Owner,; Ext. 2421

Kyle Kottke, General Manager/Owner,; Ext. 2422

Pam Kottke, Finance,; Ext. 2426

Sue Krumrey, Customer Servicer Representative/Office Manager,; Ext. 2406

Zach Little, Vice President of Operations,; Ext. 2440

Roy Locke, Weekend Coverage,; Ext. 2435

Sharon Lundquist, LTL Billing,; Ext. 4107

Kayla McDonald, Human Resources/Recruiting,; Ext. 2450

Terry Mercer, Florida Payroll,; Ext. 4110

Tommy Mercer, LTL Order Entry,; Ext. 4109

Andrea Plaisance, Customer Service Representative,; Ext. 2425

Terry ‘Hammer’ Poock, Night Coverage,; Ext. 2424

Jesse Reed, Recruiter,; Ext. 2439

Nicole Roling, AP/AR/Payroll,; Ext. 2416

Jeff Ruegg, Wildwood Shop,; Ext. 2444

Ruth Ruegg, Wildwood Office/Shop,; Ext. 2442

Val Stepanek, Driver Manager,, Ext. 2431

Dawn Taylor, Imaging,; Ext. 2417

Yvonne Thomas, Imaging/Accounting Assistant,; Ext. 4108

Jeanette Tongen, Safety Assistant,; Ext. 2428

Jason Tuttle, Director of Safety,; Ext. 2447

Kara Usher, Brokerage,, Ext. 2446

Val Ussery, Driver Manager,; Ext. 2432

(800) 248-2623 (320) 833-5385

Kottke Trucking, Inc.