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Driver of the Year To Be Announced On Saturday

We are entering an exciting week here at Kottke Trucking.  It comes with much anticipation, that one of our drivers will be crowned as Driver of the Year.

Tuesday through Friday of this week we will be releasing a press release on each of the candidates and you will get to enjoy the achievements of these individuals.  I encourage each of you, that if you see any of these four, to congratulate them.  They are very deserving and have worked hard for the recognition.

Too many people use this line but in this case it is true, there is not a loser in this group.  They have earned their right to be part of the best of the best and someone will be chosen to represent the Driver of the Year.  Watch your emails, check our blogs and our social media for the coming updates (we’ve even gone the extra mile and have sought aid from to reach out to more people).  On Saturday, please dial into our website at about 6:30 p.m.  We are going to post a press release of the winner moments after it happens live and you will get to follow the results!

It would be remiss, if I didn’t mention the passing of another of our great drivers, Dennis Pater.  To say that the last week was a tough one would be an understatement.  He will be missed by everyone he was close to.  Dennis was a giant teddy bear to all of those around him and since his passing, I have heard so many delightfully great stories about him.  I am certain that the trucking angels have a great spot for him in Heaven.

To come so closely to the passing of Bob Kistner adds additional shock to many of us.  If anyone feels like they got kicked square in the gut with the news of both of their passing, you are not alone.  Everyone deals with their grief in a slightly different way and if I can be of assistance with anyone’s process don’t be shy to ask to talk.  Once the pain begins to subside, both of these great men would want us to do what we do…. keep truckin’.  They would want us to remember the good times with them and continue to go about our ways.  With their passion in my heart, I plan to do just that – keep on truckin’!

With that, enjoy the week ahead.  Congratulate the recognized drivers and remember those ahead that paved the path.

Safe travels and keep on truckin’!


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