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Embrace the next four years, we all have work to do

From the desk of Kyle Kottke…

Can’t we all get along?

Maybe the hardest part for me as this election comes to a conclusion is just how far apart and how divided our country is.  It scares the hell out of me that 54% of Americans don’t intend to allow the ‘other party’ to have a chance if they end up winning.

So instead of making the best of any situation; you plan to do nothing.  You will remind everyone that you didn’t vote for this President.  I told you so.  Blah blah blah.

I have to admit, I have had some issues with some of the policies of President Obama but the truth is he is still our President and he deserves some piece of respect and definitely the benefit of the doubt based on his title alone.

Fast forward to today, America has a choice to make.  We can make ourselves great and solve our issues.  (This isn’t a Trump commercial, this commercial runs no matter who wins). We can embrace the next four years that no matter who is in that office we will make our country great…  Or you can pout that your candidate didn’t win.

Furthermore, if your candidate does win, you only have the person that you chose in the office they ran for.  They still have to do something and, in some cases, anything to move our country forward.

So whether you were on working for Moving America Forward or making America Great Again, we all have work to do.

Lastly, what in the hell is America thinking allowing the political process to get to this?  Money is so important that a well-reasoned independent or third party candidate is a wasted vote.  Today, if you vote against your party, you have set the stage to never get reelected.  If you don’t have a party affiliation, you don’t get the cash needed to win.  A system where cash can truly win votes and negative ads make us only see the evil in everyone.  I can’t remember one good ad of what someone will actually get done.  I remember just the crap-pasting of each other.  I see speech writers writing ads that will be cut into 20 second bites in the news instead of policy that matters.  What is going on?  How does this fix anything?  Please help us.

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