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Jeff Bass named Second Quarter Jim Doering Award of Excellence winner

Kottke Trucking is proud to announce that Jeff Bass has been named the 2nd Quarter Jim Doering Award of Excellence Honoree.


2016 Second Quarter Jim Doering Award of Excellence winner Jeff Bass (left) with President Kurt Kottke (right).

Bass’ nominator said this about him:

“Jeff has made the transition to elogs look very effortless. He knows what needs to be done and plans ahead to get it done. Jeff is very knowledgeable of his equipment and he knows how to repair on the road if necessary. Jeff is very easy to work with and has a great sense of humor. Jeff is very dedicated to his job and is not afraid to help any other driver when needed. Jeff has many of the same qualities that Jim Doering had and is very deserving of this award.”

With this honor, Jeff Bass is also now a candidate for the third annual Duane and Connie Kottke Distinguished Driver of the Year Award.

Jeff has been an employee with Kottke’s since July 13, 2004.

Congrats, Jeff!

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