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Tom Erickson Named Kottke Trucking’s Inaugural Driver of the Year

MORTON, MINN – Kottke Trucking held its first Driver of the Year program today and announced that Thomas Erickson of Ramsey, MN was crowned with the high honors.

Tom has been a life long driver of more than 40 years and has been with Kottke Trucking since 1992.  Tom’s dedication, safety and professionalism were cornerstone of his consideration and the cornerstone of his commitment to Kottke Trucking.IMG_0148

Tom’s dispatchers mention that he upbeat, easy to work with and likes to have some fun while working.  Some of our long time customers mentioned that Tom’s presence makes it easier to do business with Kottke Trucking.

Kottke Trucking’s Driver Board created the idea of the Driver of the Year and it was carried out by our staff.  There are four quarterly winners, named the Jim Doering Award of Excellence.  They were Robert Kistner of Gaylord, MN; Thomas Erickson of Ramsey, MN; Laurie Leonard of St Cloud, MN; and John Ashley of New London, MN.  All four recipients are the best of the best of the driving industry.  Jim Doering was Kottke Trucking’s first long time driver and stayed with our company for over 35 years.  The quarterly awards are named in his memory.

The Driver of the Year is named after our second generation visionaries:  Duane and Connie.  Their ability to build the base that our company stands on today, doesn’t go without notice.

Kottke Trucking has been in business since 1938 and for the past three decades the primary business is to transport dry, refrigerated and frozen food items.  We operate in the Midwest, South and Southeastern part of the United States.  Our fleet consists of 90 drivers and 20 support staff.

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