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Laurie Leonard – Candidate For Driver of the Year

Laurie Leonard

  • Third  Quarter 2014, Jim Doering Award of Excellence
  • Candidate for Driver of the Year to be awarded Saturday, December 13, 2014

Laurie likes perfect.  In fact, she strives for it.  If there is someone that is constantly looking to improve the lives of our drivers, Laurie is trying.  Whether it be that she is pressing forward to be the best fuel economy driver in the fleet or she is concerned about how a customer is working with our drivers, Laurie is there and trying to improve.  She is driving all of us to get better!

Laurie’s nominator added, “Laurie possesses so many characteristics that make her worthy for this award.  She is honest, has a great sense of humor, professional and a great leader.”

Those traits are indeed a great starter kit to  being a great driver.  Being that she does them all so well, makes her excellent.  laurie

When we asked Laurie how she got into the industry and what this award means to her, she told us, “My trucking career ultimately started when I was still on bottles and in diapers.  Growing up, I rode many miles with my Dad, in numerous cab over Internationals, answered phones, dispatched loads, typed freight bills, stuffed statements, folded tarps and helped out in the shop. But, was NEVER allowed to drive a truck! That always made me mad.  So when the opportunity to get my CDL in 2007 presented itself, I jumped on it. I am a 3rd generation truck driver and proud of it!  Winning the Jim Doering award (earlier this year), to me, means that by taking everything I’ve learned along the way and incorporating it into the job I’m doing now, I must be doing something right. I have my parents to thank for the work ethic and my genes to thank for my love of driving.”

And we have to thank your parents for showing you the path.  Thanks to them!

Stay tuned in the coming days of all the candidates for the award and come to our website Saturday evening after 6:30 pm to see who will wear the crown of Duane and Connie Kottke Distinguished Driver of the Year.

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