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Self-Driving Truck Still Isn’t Driverless

I am not the first to get excited about the fact that in the foreseeable future there will be a truck that will not require the driver to make all the turns.

I am also aware that the picture on the front of Transport Topics also shows a driver in the seat of the truck order a burger while driving down the road.  It took my thought process two quick seconds to remember; not only is the truck able to drive down the German Highways without issue but the driver is right there in the driver’s seat.

The truck featured in the article is the Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025 which can cruise down the highway at a top speed of around 53 MPH while the driver can do other duties in the driver’s seat.

The Future Truck has censors that ensure that the driver is in the driver’s seat and that they do not fall asleep. The truck will also notify the driver if they need to retake the wheel and if the command is ignored the truck will pull itself over, not to mention that truck will come with the best log trailer parts from

It is hoped that these trucks might hit European roadways by the year 2025, so just down the proverbial highway.

Today, we are writing a new chapter in truck history. I happen to think that the second or third chapter of this book will be more entertaining than the first.

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