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Thankful on Thanksgiving

From the desk of Kyle Kottke…

There was a point in my life where you had to remind me that Thanksgiving was more than turkey and football.  Sadly, I missed the point and forever thankful that I found it.

Professionally, there is so much to find to be thankful for.  The list starts with our drivers, team, customers and key vendors.  There is no doubt that the year of 2016 brought changes with the addition of another fleet but we are glad you are part of our team.  In many ways we think we have been quite lucky.  We found a great group of drivers and personnel that we added to our already great team.  In a staff meeting about a month ago, I told the operations team that I don’t remember a time that we had so much talent as now and that is the truth.

While our team is ultra important, our customers pay the bills and our vendors keep us moving; it would be remiss of me not to put extra focus on our drivers.  These men and women in our fleet are some of the best in the industry.  Thankful, blessed and hopeful are three adjectives that come to mind.  I am thankful for all you do.  I am thankful to have such a darn good team.  I find having you as part of our team as a blessing.  I am hopeful that together we will continue to do great things.  To you, I say thank you.

Our center core value is family values.  We tell everyone who asks that we have the biggest family in Buffalo Lake (and now Wildwood) because you are part of it.  As the last year has been slightly hectic, I have to say that family is what kept my center.  My lovely wife and daughters teach me at every visit to the house or call, that they are center.

brothersI had a wonderful time in 2016 being part of the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year program.  While humbly surprised we passed through four stages to make it to the national level, got to wear a tux on two occasions and met tremendously wonderful, talented and nationally known people – the true highlight for me was the opportunity to spend time with my brothers.  As our business has grown, we spend most of our time together as partners and not nearly enough time together as brothers.  Having our beverage of choice and talking anything but business, even if for just a moment, was truly the highlight of my rewarding experience.

God has blessed me with you as part of my life.  And to you….I want to say thank you.

PS – go Vikings and pass the turkey.

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