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The Power of Belief

In my last blog entry, we discussed the power of focus.  Focus begins with determining what is important and spending your time on it.  Another strong force is the power of belief.

While a few examples I will use revolves around Christianity, there is much more to the power of belief than what’s said in a church.  Belief is defined as the acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.  Furthermore, it is the trust, faith, or confidence in something.

So how is your belief? In yourself?  Your marriage?  Your job?  Your life?  Your friends?  Your children?  Your parents?  Your faith?  Your government?  This list could go on forever.  The truth is that you have a level of belief in all these things.

All of us choose what we to put at our core as the most important things, most of us do this automatically and a few of us without really thinking about it.  Here is where the power of focus can help us concentrate on what is important, but the power of belief is what gives us our center.

In the movie God’s Not Dead, a young college freshman decides that his professor’s demand of admitting that ‘God is Dead’ is wrong and stands up to him. As a result, the student has the daunting task of convincing his classmates that God exists.  This young student’s center and power of focus told him that he had to do the right thing.  If you happen to be a Christian, it is a good movie for you to see.  Even if you are not, you will enjoy the daunting task this young man takes on.

Professionally, Kottke Trucking strives to have a power of belief that we hire the right drivers, contract with the right customers and put the right people on the team to achieve success.  Our power of belief centers on the fact that everyone on the team will do his or her best in the effort of improvement and success.  In this effort, our company’s belief in employees and customers needs to be returned in belief in the company.

Trust and reputation starts with belief.  Do you believe?

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