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Trucks and Toys 2018 is here! Visit Kottke Trucking to donate!

Each year, trucking companies come together to address the needs of less fortunate families by collecting toys through the Trucks and Toys campaign. These toys are collected and then distributed to various charities. For many years, Kottke Trucking has volunteered to be a drop-off site and is known for being a leader in donations for this wonderful cause and will do so again this year.

Last year’s Target run to buy toys with the donated money from the Trucks and Toys drive!

If any driver or office personnel would like to donate to this wonderful cause, you may do so by check, cash or send an email to [email protected] to deduct from your pay (we can issue a receipt for your donation).

Members of the general public can drop off toys or monetary donations at the Kottke Trucking headquarters in Buffalo Lake or donate through the mail (PO Box 206, Buffalo Lake, MN 55314). The deadline for donations is December 8.

Kottke Trucking again has made a commitment to donate $500.00 for collections under $2,000 collected, that’ll increase to $750.00 for collections of $2,001-$3,000, or $1,000 for collections of $3,001-$5,000, or $2,000 if we go over the $5,000 collection mark.

Last year we raised $5,033 including a $1,000 donation from Kottke Trucking. We are looking to surpass that number in 2017. As of November 13, just over $2,500 had been raised for Trucks and Toys. That’s a good start, but we can’t wait to obliterate the $5,000 mark we hit last year.

Let’s come together and make this the best Trucks and Toys campaign ever!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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