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Warming Our Hearts: Trucks and Toys

Throughout the year there is a couple events that are close to our heart. Every June, we hold our annual golf outing that benefits the American Cancer Society, but we also have an event every Holiday season that is equally important.IMG_2029

This time of the year, we get to supply carts and carts worth of toys to area children that are in need of those toys. This is all possible through an organization named Trucks and Toys which we’ve been associated with for years because of our association with the Minnesota Trucking Association.

This year was another successful campaign and we can’t thank all of our employees enough for helping us get all of these toys.

The following is an email from safety director Brenda Kraft that was sent to our internal staff that I think is important for everyone to see:

I just want to take a moment to share the success of the Truck and Toys campaign. With all money contributions and applied discounts, Kottke’s raised over $4,000.00, which doesn’t even include the toys which were brought in! I cant begin to explain how grateful the volunteers at McLeod County, Renville County, and the combined 26 ministries of different denominations- the Common Cup were; I wish I could put into words the feeling that comes with tears of happiness shed and warm hugs of thanks, then I could pass it on to you–for you are the ones who made it happen! Thank you for your gifts of caring and sharing and God Bless!

Thank you all again for all of your support in all of our charitable events throughout the year. We hope you have a wonderful Christmastime and a marvelous New Year.

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