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A Conversation with Taylor Wilson of Gypsy Threads

Like many small and large businesses, Gypsy Threads physical store was closed for two months during the Covid-19 shutdowns.   However, as soon as it was possible to do so the shop doors were re-opened to the public.

The owner of Gypsy Threads is Taylor Wilson. I first met Wilson in 2009 while I was working with her mother in the transportation industry. Wilson was in high school then, playing sports and creating her own fashion designs and accessories.  Now at 27-years-old, she has owned her own retail clothing store for two years.  As a young entrepreneur, she has managed to bring her small business through some of the most trying times in economic history.

After high school, Wilson attended North Georgia College & University in Dahlonega, GA. Marketing was Taylor’s major and during her senior year she did an internship in Los Angeles’ fashion district.   Having always had a love for fashion, she realized that she wanted a career where she could use her marketing skills alongside the fashion.

After finishing school, Wilson returned home where she and a roommate started their own social media marketing company, which they still operate today.   At age 23, in addition, to bartending, waitressing, and being self-employed, Wilson got a part time job handling the marketing for Gypsy Threads.   About a year later, she was hired to manage the store and handle the marketing. She then gave up her bartending and waitressing gigs and devoted herself to Gypsy Threads along with her own social media marketing business. Then in April 2019, Wilson was presented with the opportunity to purchase Gypsy Threads. She didn’t hesitate to take the leap.

Wilson’s dream location for Gypsy Threads was to be on the famous, historic downtown square in Gainesville and in a few months a rare opportunity came as a coveted store space on the square came available.   Once again, Taylor didn’t hesitate to take the chance and relocate the store.

January and February were spent gutting the store space on the square and completely remodeling it. Fortunately for her she had a lot of help from family and friends who were eager to help make the young entrepreneur’s dream come true.  Then came March. The week Gypsy Threads was scheduled to open at the new location the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in Governor’s orders for all non-essential businesses to be closed. Resulting in Gypsy Threads having to remain closed.

Fortunately, Wilson and Gypsy Threads had a very supportive customer base who continued their support with online ordering.  After two long months, when the day rolled around that Gypsy Threads could open their doors it was a very exciting time.  With the move, Wilson had really been able to make the store her own, with her own vision of what she wanted her store to look and feel like to her customers.   She says the Gainesville community is very supportive of their small businesses and she contributes her success to that great customer base.

When you hear Gypsy Threads, you can probably surmise that the shop carries unique styles that customers may not find elsewhere.    Stepping inside you will find a lady’s boutique featuring primarily boho-style clothing and accessories.  The fashionista in Taylor is always looking for cool new lines to carry, but for the most part she has stayed with what has worked. “I have stuck with the lines that were carried before I owned the store,” Wilson said. “What people loved about the store was the styles and quality of the clothing, so I definitely did not want to stray too far from that!”

Wilson says that her store it is small enough that her customers feel safe.   She has stations set up throughout the store with hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray and Clorox wipes.   If a customer comes in wearing a face mask she puts one on also, to make them feel comfortable, but if her customers are not wearing masks she does not mind.

When asked what is the best part of owning her business,  Wilson said “I love having a personal relationship with the customers. I have a lot of customers who come in with an item from their own closet and let me or my employees help find the perfect outfit to go with it! Aside from that, it’s like having a huge closet so, of course, that’s fun!”

“A huge thanks to all the people in the transportation industry! My mom was in the transportation industry for over 10 years, and I know it can be stressful,” Wilson said. “Without them, most small businesses, and large businesses, wouldn’t have survived. Not only through Covid-19, but also we have to have you for normal day-to-day business!”

Gypsy Threads can be found online at, Facebook and Instagram or in person at  210 Bradford St NE Gainesville, GA.

This piece is part of Ada Brewster’s conversation series. Previously, Ada has chatted with Kottke Trucking drivers Laurie and Buz Scutt, Dan DiGrazio with Butterball and Mary Weaver of Mary’s Southern Grill.

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