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Derrick Johnson named Jim Doering Award of Excellence Recipient

Kottke Trucking is proud to announce Derrick Johnson as the recipient of the Jim Doering Award of Excellence for the 2nd Quarter of 2021. Derrick has been with Kottke Trucking for almost nine years with no accidents and no violations. He has been in the trucking industry for over 24 years.

Derrick’s nominator said: “Derrick is deserving of the award because he is very hard working and a go-getter, he plans his loads well and is never late. If you need him to do something, all you need to do is ask him and he will go above and beyond to insure that that job gets done on time. Derrick is a true example of what Kottke Trucking is all about.”

The Jim Doering Award of Excellence was established in 2014 in honor of Kottke Trucking’s first employee and nearly 40-year employee Jim Doering. The award is designed to honor a driver each quarter that has the same great qualities that made Jim such a special man. Derrick is the 2nd Quarter recipient for this award and is now a finalist for the Duane and Connie Kottke Distinguished Driver of the Year Award.

CongratsDerrick! We thank you for your hard work, dedication and for #BleedingBlue!


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