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Roll on, eighteen wheeler, roll on

As the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic continues around the globe, Kottke Trucking General Manger Kyle Kottke sent out this letter to our drivers and staff. 

There was a time in the early 1980’s that a boy ran around his house with a toy semi-truck singing Alabama’s song “Roll On”.  His daddy was a trucker and he asked him momma when he was coming home.  Fast forward a few decades and everyone is quick to jump on the bandwagon of calling each of you heroes.  For some of us, truckers have been heroes all our lives.

I live with the regret that I never told my daddy that he was my hero, but I get the chance to pay that forward.  I get to call 225 of you my heroes instead. Everyone appreciates what you are doing day after day and when the other side of this comes and eventually your stardom fades similar to the heroes of 9-11; I want you to know, you all will still be my hero.

I am deeply troubled that the virus has taken away many of the personal living gains on the road.  I hate hearing about bathrooms closed.  I hate hearing about places that don’t give us an alternative. And it certainly is an encumbrance wearing a mask every time I step out. These deeply disappoint me and trust me when the other side is here, I will be the first one to fight to get what we had and hopefully more.

Closer to home, we are seeing the restaurant side of our business start to slow.  We are working hard to replace that freight with grocery things, and we have had some good wins.  We will continue to work our way through this to the other side.  I am confident that some situations will be pretty darn smooth, and others will have some challenges and bumps to them.  We will do our best to find more smooth than bumpy.  Let me know if there is anything, I need to know about what is going on for you personally.

Brenda has been working hard to get more supplies to our offices to help you with your on-road needs.  I believe we have a supply of gloves, sanitizer, tissues, etc.  So, if you find yourself not able to find some, please feel free to find Brenda to get your hands on some of our supply.  If you have a need that we are not supplying, feel free to ask Brenda if we can get it for you.

Knowing that social distancing, doing a job, having a life away from the truck and at a time in all of our lives that is different than ever before (and hopefully never again), if I can do anything for you – please ask.  I will do my best to help as many as I can.  Even if it is just an ear to talk to, don’t assume I am not here to help as much as I can.

In closing, I want you to know that those notes, emails, texts and calls you are sending are my fuel.  My tank needs refilling too, and it is your stories, your notes and sometimes just your smile on the other side of the line that keeps me driving through the next challenge to find my way.  You see, you are my hero to that little boy singing “Roll On”.  Roll on family, roll on crew and roll on eighteen-wheeler, roll on!

Thanks for helping define #BLEEDINGBLUE.

Until next time, Keep on Keeping on!

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