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Thank you for #BleedingBlue for a decade now, Brandon!

Apparently, we hit gold ten years ago here at Kottke Trucking. A little over a month ago, we celebrated the 10-year anniversary of Sue Krumrey #BleedingBlue with us. Now today, we get to celebrate another 10-year milestone!!

May marks the 10-year anniversary for Brandon Antonsen being full-time with us at Kottke Trucking. Brandon actually started with us in 2008 while completing mechanics courses, became full-time in 2009 and the rest is history.

Thank you, Brandon, for being a pivotal cornerstone to our shop and the Kottke Trucking family. Brandon is our longest tenured mechanic in the Buffalo Lake shop and we thank him for #BleedingBlue with us, and putting up with us, for over a decade now.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kory Kottke (far left), Kyle Kottke (middle right) and Dustin Berger (far right) presenting Brandon Antonsen (middle left) with his 10 year service award.

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