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The Interesting Case of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Many of you probably participated in, myself included, the Ice Bucket Challenge. Where most of the money raised has gone to the ALS, but it has some interesting twists the way I look at it.

First of all, how dare we allow such a critical condition to be starved for all this time.  As one guy said on his death bed, the amount of people affected isn’t enough to matter.  We spend money on many material things that don’t matter, but we haven’t funded the research of this crippling disease worth a damn.  So some wonderful idea at the right time comes along that has people more interested in watching their buddy dump a bucket of cold water on there head and it is worth $20 to watch and therefore donate. Really?  It took this to get our attention?

Second of all, congrats to those who figured out this captivating idea.  It probably will not work for any other group with a faction of the success of this.  It was a perfect plot that not even the people who thought of it could have pictured it working out this well. $100 million raised in a month is beyond impressive.

Third, a quick congrats to Facebook, their advertising revenue from this had to be through the roof.

Last, a good luck to the folks at ALS.  You now have very little reason not to turn this truck load of cash into results.  I want to challenge you all that you don’t pay out executive bonuses in the spirit of having cash but actually use that cash to accomplish the goal that you are set out to do.  People are watching and your expectations are very high.  Something short of a good solution would be disappointing and that is what they call pressure.  Ice cold pressure. Good Luck.

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