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Women in Trucking on International Women’s Day

The prototypical mental image of a truck driver is a male. There’s a reason for that. Throughout history men have dominated the trucking industry, but that is changing. The amount of women in trucking is increasing, but women still only make up 7% of the total driver population according to the Women in Trucking Association.

Comparatively to their male counterparts, women have a lower accident ratio, longer tenure and more total miles per year and per month. In fact, women, on average, put on 52,682 miles compared to 50,344 miles for men.

A fact that the trucking industry should be proud of is that there is no gender pay gap in the trucking industry which is something to think about on today, March 8, as it is International Women’s Day. Women have excelled around the world for years in everything that they do, be it trucking or not. Simply, every day should be International Women’s Day.

Kottke Trucking employs some amazing women throughout our company. We are thankful and grateful for everything that you do, be it behind a desk or behind the wheel. There’s not enough words to accurately depict what you do to keep the world and the trucking industry running. Thank you.

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