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The Best of The Best

What is the ‘best of the best’? Can you define what it is? You can Google it, but all you will get is Best of the Best a 1989 movie about an international taekwondo tournament. I don’t really want to talk about taekwondo. Maybe when we get to the final week of this summer series, I will be. You never know.

I believe we can define the best as of the highest quality, excellence and surpassing standards. If you’re one of the best of the best, you’re probably pretty darn good.

Kottke Trucking sponsors a scholarship program at the local high school, Buffalo Lake – Hector – Stewart, in which the criteria is to honor the best of the best in athletics, leadership and learning.  I am fortunate that I live in rural America and got to hear the 21 finalists announced.  I get chills just seeing just how special these kids are and how being from a small town allows these kids multiple opportunities, whereas the large cities mostly force their children to specialize.  It makes me wonder that if some of our lost opportunity and lost innovation in this country comes from the fact that we force our children to be GREAT at something too soon?

Professionally, I find that the best of the best makes me always strive to be better.   For some reason, in my mind, the definition of the best of the best is: the best is never enough.  The word ‘best’ is thrown around a lot: best pizza chain, best company to work for, Best Buy (you didn’t think of that one, huh), best prices guaranteed… but notice that nobody is engaged as the best of the best.

It’s a great thing to be the best of the best and I am proud that our company gets to help highlight the high school students in our community that are just that. I just wonder why nobody claims that they are the best of the best themselves. Maybe they’re afraid to get their butt kicked in a taekwondo tournament.

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