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The True Essence of Giving

Today is a special day for us at Kottke Trucking. Monday marks our 8th annual Golf for a Cure event at Oakdale Golf Club just north of our hometown. Every year on this special day we have our friends from the trucking industry, vendors, customers and our local friends come together to spend the day fighting cancer. Their financial contributions have allowed us to give $100,000 to the American Cancer society, but it’s not the money that makes the even extraordinary. has a list of core non-financial gifts: Honesty, Respect, Openness, Concern, Enthusiasm, Assistance and Time.  Today we will have 100 of our friends in Buffalo Lake sharing these wonderful gifts with us.

HONESTY:  The reality is that some of our vendors might feel obligated to attend, but the truth is most are there for the right reasons.  The guys that tell their stories of why winning the battle with cancer is a priority of not only us, but many around us as well.

RESPECT:  The value of surrounding yourself with 100 top class individuals is that they all respect each other and the value they provide the event, your business and your relationship with each other.

OPENNESS:  Each of our longtime attendees to our tournament are very open about how to make it better.  We ask for candid feedback on how to make our process better.  We ask them how to make their day more enjoyable.  We expect our valued attendees to speak their mind.

CONCERN:  This is the main thing that brings a smile to my face on this glorious day.  Today we will announce an estimated total to our attendees (the amount we believe the Golf tournament will provide to the ACS) and I will receive 5-10 calls in the next 20 days asking “how did we do”.  They truly want to know how successful the event was.  True value in giving and concern.

ENTHUSIASM:  Everyone is going to show up today with a smile and a mission.  Let’s do this and have fun while we do it.  Let’s benefit everyone and enjoy each other’s company.  Enthusiasm is a great trait of the best people.

ASSISTANCE:  As each arrives, they will ask what they can do to help.  ‘Play golf,’ I tell each but they want to help the event and its success in just about any way possible.

TIME:  Just the investment of time to take from your personal schedule to give to someone else is a true gift.  In this case, 100 people will travel to a town of 700 people in the spirit of giving.  They are giving at least a day of their time in a bigger cause and they find their investment well spent (we work hard to make sure of it).

If you are reading this and you are on the way out to the tournament; God bless your soul and thank you!  I will say hello on your arrival.  If you are reading this and we will not meet today; I ask and challenge you….How are you going to find your true essence of giving?

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