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Tom Erickson – Candidate For Driver of the Year

Thomas Erickson

  • Second Quarter 2014, Jim Doering Award of Excellence
  • Candidate for Driver of the Year to be awarded Saturday, December 13, 2014

Tom, Tommy, Shaky or maybe known best as Mr. Local.  Tom Erickson has been a cornerstone of our company for over twenty years.  Starting his career as a long haul driver, his career change to a local driver become ideal as his understanding of the over-the-roads needs were clear.  Many of the things we start and end go through Tom.  Many of the things that we all take for granted go through this local fleet.

Tom’s nominator said, “We owe Tom a big thank you for all his efforts in delivering our loads so that we can continue to work or get some needed time with our loved ones.  This award would be a way to pass our thanks to him for his efforts.  You make our job easier by doing what you do.”

Tom probably can say it better than we can. tom (1)

“Driving truck isn’t just a job, it is a way of life. I have been driving truck for almost forty years.  My dad drove truck and his dad drove truck.   I guess you could say that it’s in the family,” he said when asked how long he has been in the industry.

“There are people who might think driving truck has to be an easy way to make a living, but there’s a lot more that goes into it than just getting in the truck and driving.  We drivers don’t just drive.  We also have to be able to get along with shipping and receiving clerks, we have to be able to schmooze with the dock workers.  We have to know all the rules and regulations for all the states we drive through, and for those who own their own trucks, they have to know how to work on and maintain their equipment,” Tom adds.

“I am very grateful for having been nominated for the award.  I realize it is an honor and I also realize there are many others who do exactly what I do every day, get in their truck and do what has to be done, for themselves and for their families.  I am proud of what I do and I’m proud of this honor,” Tom says proudly.

Proud you should be, Tom.  We are proud to have you.

Stay tuned in the coming days of all the candidates for the award and come to our website Saturday evening after 6:30 pm to see who will wear the crown of Duane and Connie Kottke Distinguished Driver of the Year.

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