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Whatever You Do, Keep On Dreaming

If you’re a follower of the Minnesota Twins, first of all, I’m sorry, but I’m sure you heard about the interesting signing the team made last week. The Twins signed an undrafted fireballer who was playing in the Golden State Collegiate Baseball League for the, I’m not making this up, Healdsburg Prune Packers.

Brandon Poulson is 24-years-old and can throw 100 MPH. He’s now $250,000 richer and a member of the Twins rookie ball team in Elizabethton, Tennessee. So why did this signing, a cool signing but a singing that has a good possibility of having no effect on the major league squad, get my attention? The USA Today’s headline will make it very clear: “Twins sign undrafted former truck driver with 100-mph fastball”

Yes, Poulson used to drive a truck. And front-loaders. And backhoes. Now he’s just a couple levels away from reaching the pinnacle every baseball player dreams about.

Never give up on your dreams be it to be a major league baseball player, own your own truck or win the lottery, never give up.

One of my greatest inspirations is Steve Jobs. There’s a lot that went into how Steve Jobs operated, but he always had and pushed for a dream. When asked for advice, Jobs would respond with, ‘Dream bigger.’

Jobs had a dream to put personal computers in front of everyone in America. That dream was those big bulky things with towers, monitors, detached speakers and a whole lot more. Jobs and his team surpassed that dream. Those bulky computers are in the past and we all have computers in our pockets. A lot of those computers in are pockets are directly from the dream that Jobs had in his own company, Apple.

It doesn’t matter what your dream is, just don’t ever give up on it. Your dream might be developing the next iPhone, getting drafted by a major league team or being the best truck driver on the road. Whatever it is, shoot for it and more. Dream bigger.

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