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Don’t Forget Who Brought Your Bread!

I am admittedly a man of many pet peeves and I am trying to make my list smaller.  But today, my list got one bigger.  I do have an issue with some of the decisions made by those involved in the storms in the Southeastern part of the United States.

Our drivers work for more than us.  They work for society.  They bring you the things you need to live.  They are trying to do their job safely and yet make sure that society has things they need.

Remember, if you need water, food or supplies; it comes by a truck.  It seems that every time there is a storm, everyone buys enough to live 90 days.  Therefore, the shelves go empty very quickly.  Remember that guy in the truck, he is taking that load of whatever you need, because you don’t want to hear that one isn’t available.

Lastly, I beg everyone in this industry for your common sense.  We have people that are delivering to their locations in Atlanta today.  One customer is telling us to leave their property and the cops are attempting to ticket our drivers because they are driving.  If we are good enough to bring your bread, don’t forget that driver who brought it.  Furthermore, if he is good enough to bring it; allow him the corner of your yard until your governor says we can drive again.

The Difficulties of Winter Trucking

This winter reminds us of the many challenges in trucking during the winter.  Like many companies, our company demands safety first.  In this age of the trucking, setting safety as our priority is a must to our drivers, our customers, and society as a whole.  While managing a customer service driven company and one that needs to take safety first can be a challenge.  Cooler minds and good common sense seems to prevail and be the first step to success.

In closing, I have to share with you this story about last week’s storm in Atlanta.  We had a broker irate about us not getting his load picked up in Atlanta.  We apologized for the delay and explained to the broker we were late to pick-up but we were in-fact at his shipper and they had not come to work.  The broker didn’t take time to understand the message but decided to continue to address his dissatisfaction for our service.  When the conversation ended, the only thing I could wonder is – have we spoiled this industry with top notch service to the point of impossible service seeming possible?  Ironic on how the uncontrollable seems controllable by many within the industry.

Then again, this might be just another example of an untrained third party logistic professional. That might be a topic of another rant.

It Was An Interesting Week In Trucking

Last week was an interesting week in the trucking industry. If you follow Commercial Carrier Journal (CCJ), you’ve seen that they’ve posted many thought provoking articles.

These three combine for an interesting market for trucking in 2014.

Drivers: The Centerpiece of Trucking

Today’s exercise is to go to Google, type in ‘2014 trucking outlook’ and hit search. You will find articles about inflation’s effects on trucking, trucking’s gains post- recession, intermodal’s role in trucking and, most commonly, drivers.

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In fact, the most common ad is companies looking for drivers.  Did I type in this search right?  I typed in ‘2014 trucking outlook’ and the ads are for truck drivers? Obviously, companies are paying high dollar for any search involving trucking.

As trucking companies try to figure out how to attract the best drivers and keep them, our success rate, or lack thereof, is making drivers the centerpiece of the entire outlook of the industry.  Drivers should be the centerpiece, but for reasons other than not having enough of them.

We all know that driving is a tough job. We have tried to make our schedules very driver friendly, but even with these improvements, being a driver is still very tough.

Trucking companies know that the key to survival is drivers, but does the shipping community also recognize this?  When’s the last time a shipper truly looked at their environment and asked themselves, ‘Are we driver friendly?’  If you are one of those shippers, tell me about it at [email protected]

If I receive any great responses, I’ll be sure to pass them along.

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