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Laurie Leonard has been a ‘Trucker Buddy’ at Sartell Middle School

Kottke Trucking prides itself in having the best employees in the trucking industry. From office staff to mechanics to everything in between, we are grateful and blessed to have such immense talent as part of our family. We are incredibly proud of our world-class drivers, of course, too. Our drivers are the best you’ll find in the cab or out. One of those amazing drivers that we are immensely grateful for is Laurie Leonard.

Laurie has been a ‘Trucker Buddy’ with a class at Sartell Middle School. We’ll let an email we received from the teacher of Laurie’s buddies explain a little more about what Laurie has been doing.

Hello Kyle,

My name is Kelly Nystrom, and I am a teacher at Sartell Middle School. One of your employees, Laurie Leonard, has been our class “Trucker Buddy” this year, and it has been a phenomenal experience! My students have enjoyed writing/receiving letters from her, learning a few do’s and don’ts about the trucking industry, and her visits this year. They were especially excited when she was able to bring in the truck on Monday! Here are a few words from them:

Sam: I liked seeing the truck it was cool.

Dylan: thank you for letting Laurie bring her truck. It was cool going back in the trailer.

Jack: I liked all of it especially driving

Aliya: The nor on Laurie’s truck rules! Thank you for letting her show it to us.

Trey: Laurie brought us presents from Hawaii and the truck this week.shes really cool.

Jaylee: thank you Laurie for all the visits and letters”,”,!!!!!!

Thanks so much for connecting with our classroom this year and making a difference!

We at Kottke Trucking are blessed to have Laurie as part of our team. She is a truly special soul. We appreciate all she does for Kottke Trucking and she is a dream representative of Kottke Trucking. Thank you, Laurie.

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